LoLCounter was founded by RageT Eztia in June 2017. The idea for the site was born when he found that most other websites do not have certain features that users would like. Since he is a developer he decided to create this website based on the interest, opinions and ideas of the league of legends community.

Thanks to the support of many League of Legends players and the support from Raging Turtles Esports Organization, LoLCounter was able to become what it is today.



  • Added Latest New page
  • Fixed and issue where up vote and down vote on community counters was bugged
  • Added About page with Patch Notes
  • Champions Counters now have statistical counters based on 28 million games analyzed and are updated daily
  • Champions Counter pages now have statistical builds, runes and information based on a rank and position.
  • Coming soon Champion Ladder based on data collected from games

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